• prof. dr hab. Michał Kleiber – Former Head of the Polish Academy of Sciences – Chair of the Ranking Board
  • prof. dr hab. Marek Safjan – udge on the European Court of Justice and former President of the Poland Constitutional Tribunal serves as an Honorary Chair of the Board.
  • prof. dr hab. inż. Bogusław Smólski – former Director of the National Center for Research and Development, former Rector of the Warsaw Military University of Technology
  • prof. dr hab. Marek Rocki – Chairman of the Polish Accreditation Committee, former Rector of the Warsaw School of Economics
  • prof. dr hab. Franciszek Ziejka – former Rector of the Jagiellonian University
  • prof. dr hab. Tadeusz Tołłoczko – former Rector of the Warsaw Medical University
  • dr Alicja Adamczak – President of the Patent Office
  • Włodzimierz Kiciński – Curator of BPS S.A. Bank, former President & CEO, Nordea Bank (Poland)
  • Waldemar Siwiński – President, Perspektywy Education Foundation, former President of the Polish News Agency (PAP)



Sitting (from the left): M. Kleiber, M. Safian. Standing (from the left): W. Kiciński, W. Siwiński, B. Smólski, P. Zakrzewski (UP RP).

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