The year 2016 will make history of the state higher vocational schools. For the first time State Higher School of Pope John Paul II in Biała Podlaska won in the State Higher Vocational Schools Ranking of the Perspektyw Foundation Education. The winner of 9 former editions - the Higher Vocational State School in Kalisz received this time a diploma for the second place. The third was State Higher Vocational School in Tarnów.

Prof. Józef Bergier, president of Higher State Vocational School in Biala Podlaska, did not hide his great satisfaction with the victory.

In 1633 the Bialska Academy was established a branch of the Jagiellonian University in Biala Podlaska, writing it already in the history of academicism of our city. The name of Pope John Paul II obtained in 2005 by the State Higher School in Biala Podlaska inspires and commits us to a good job. These two mentioned events define us the way to a full academic character. Currently, the university began efforts to obtain permission to confer doctoral degrees in the field of health sciences. I thank for the honor to the Ranking Chapter, the school staff and students for their contribution in our success.

In the photo from left: prof. Joseph Bergier - rector of the PSW in Biala Podlaska, prof. Jan Chajda - Rector of State Higher Vocational School in Kalisz, Dr. Bianka Siwińska - chief editor of Perspektywy and prof. Michael Klaiber - President of the Ranking of HEI chapter.

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