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Jagiellonian University (UJ) is a university, which gets on the podium every year in our ranking. And, of course, it determines the potential of scientific, research and teaching of the oldest Polish university. But about the quality of the study also more down to earth matters decide. These factors have been checked by Student Satisfaction Barometer at the Jagiellonian University since 2009/2010. The survey is carried out in the months of April - May.

- Student Satisfaction Barometer started acting due to the need to obtain knowledge about what is going on outside the university lecture room - says Piotr Ciesielski, Deputy Head of the Section of Analysis Quality of Education at the Jagiellonian University. He explains - if the university does not only provide a wide range of teaching, but also creates space, it organizes several years of life for young people. According to the university authorities it was necessary to check how students evaluate various aspects of the functioning of the university. In other words, whether they are satisfied with studies at the Jagiellonian University.

How does the test function? The questionnaire is composed of several groups of questions and the ratings are subjected to a number of factors which may affect subjectively on satisfaction with studies at the Jagiellonian University. It is obviously important, such as the content constituting the whole study program, as well as seemingly trivial, eg. access to food shops between classes, and the questions relate to both general university affairs, and to a particular individual or program of study.

- Questions concerning university in general relate to, among others, the university administrative procedures, the provision of material support or quality of life in the dormitories. But we are interested in perception of information systems, websites or social media by students. In questions concerning the program and the individual we pay attention, eg. for the comfort of staying in the teaching buildings, equipment of rooms, educational services offered in the frame of the program of studies and the possibility of broadening the scope of the educational offer - says P. Ciesielski. On the border between these two groups, there are questions concerning sense of security of students, prepared by the Representative of the Rector of the Jagiellonian University for Students Security.

Return of the questionnaires is above 10%, which on a university scale university means that every year several thousand of young people express their views on satisfaction with studying at the Jagiellonian University. Students, doctoral students and postgraduate students of the Jagiellonian University can participate in the research.

The collected results provide information that is used by people managing the various ranges of the institution. In addition, the questionnaire is verified every year - eg. this year questions proposed by the Student’s Council of the Jagiellonian University have been added.

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