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It is today one of the best universities in Poland and providing education of the highest level in terms of technical sciences. Choosing to study at the Wrocław University of Science and Technology, young people get the opportunity not only to acquire knowledge and skills, but also develop their passions: science, sports, art and culture.

The university requires work, but studies give fantastic results: open the way to work in their profession or career in science and research activities. Employers rank diploma of the university very high, graduates are also well compensated for their work - the university always ranks in all kinds of combinations in the top five.

But before graduates will leave the walls of its Alma Mater and enter into adult life, they can benefit from hundreds of different options, proposals and development opportunities offered at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology. Currently there are 164 scientific groups, 30 student organizations and 23 culture groups at the university.

At Wroclaw University of Technology all matters concerning students are agreed, negotiated and discussed with students who create documents for financial aid, are also involved in the work on amendments to the rules of study, there is transparent allocation of funds for students. Project competitions are run systematically. Such a system allows for funding of active students who successfully participate in international and national competitions and implement innovative projects.

Wroclaw University of Science and Technology also awards active students individually. From 2008 to today we have awarded more than 900 scholarships from the own fund and nearly 150 awards of the rector.

The best high school graduates immediately in the first year can count on the support of a tutor, scholarship and guaranteed place in the dormitory - in the frame of "Remarkably talented" program. For those students who want to expand their knowledge in mathematics or physics faculties offer help in the form of extra lectures – in the frame of "Align to the best" program.

In recent years, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology has put a lot of effort into improving the infrastructure, which is used by the students. Among the largest investments there is the construction of Student Culture Zone with the canteen and cafes launch and repairs of the dormitories.

In recent years the number of university students with disabilities have significantly increased from 310 at the end of 2008 to 491 in the current academic year. This increase is the result of many activities of the university to offer their candidates best support and learning conditions - from elimination of architectural barriers to the financial support system.

In the coming years - according to various estimates - only in Poland there will be lack of about 50,000 engineers. The world is more and more digital with more and more areas of modern medicine. It cannot work without the technical knowledge and engineering, which shows how much technical universities need graduates.

The important thing is to educate engineers on the best technical universities. Young people choosing studies must have knowledge, awareness and confidence that they will study at the university, which has the right resource - not only in primary teaching.

It is impossible to educate high-class specialists without access to the latest technology, to literature and publications on the subject. There are research teams at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, which include students in their projects, also students who receiving the diploma have already realized research projects and had publications in leading journals.

Choosing studies at the university, the youth wants to gain not only a solid knowledge and skills, but also wants to have the prospect of employment in line with education. According to data from the Career Office results that more than 70 percent of college graduates are already working in the three months after graduation. Another 20 percent is looking for a job no longer than a year.

There are really many reasons to be a student and graduate of the Wrocław University of Science and Technology. Find out yourself.

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