If you, your daughter / son, granddaughter / grandson chose to study what universities would you recommended them?

- We asked the question to youngest professors and PhDs who obtained their titles and degrees in 2015. We received 580 replies. We asked a few people for permission to make their assessments public and broader justification of their choice.


PhD Monika Słomińska-Wojewódzka, University of Gdansk, Faculty of Biology.

My recommendations:

Uniwersity of Warsaw, Jagiellonian University, Wrocław University of Science and Technology, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Gdansk University of Technology

In my opinion University of Warsaw and Jagiellonian University are universities with the highest prestige, huge traditions and scientific development. Both universities have professional staff. They make research and teaching training programs at the highest level. The results of research in the field of biological sciences are published in the best scientific journals in the world.

Wrocław University of Scence and Technology and Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan only slightly give way to the first two scientific institutions. Interdisciplinary and innovative fields of study, access to modern laboratories, excellent staff realizing very interesting research projects influence on the recognition and high reputation of the universities.

Gdansk University of Technology has a very high potential, expands rapidly, has a very diverse and interesting subject offer regarding biotechnology and biomedical engineering. Each year students and employers appreciate academic standards and excellent practical preparation for the profession.

Finally, I want to add that I would recommend to my children and friends biological studies and biotechnology at the University of Gdansk. We have an excellent faculty, facilities and scientific research. We offer typical studies in the field of natural sciences, as well as training in molecular biology, medical sciences, health sciences and biotechnology. It is an offer that dynamically adapts to the changing needs and interests of students.


PhD Emilia Sitek, specialist clinical psychologist, neuropsychologist, Medical University of Gdańsk, Faculty of Health Sciences with Subfaculty of Nursing and Institute of Maritime and Tropical Medicine.

My recommendations:

SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Warsaw, Jagiellonian University.

SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities is the most dynamically developing university offering psychology studies in Poland. Recently obtained university status and confer to habilitation degrees by SWPS confirms the universal recognition of the quality of education and scientific research conducted at the university. The main advantage of the university is very interesting and extremely varied educational offer.

Faculty of Psychology, University of Warsaw (UW) is distinguished by a high level of scientific research, with the Centre for Research on Prejudice, which conducts research, among others, related to group relationship, destructive role of stereotypes in society, but also the process of reconciliation.

Jagiellonian University means, in the field of psychological studies, old academic tradition and charm of the city itself, but also the position of Krakow as a leading center of psychotherapy. Particularly noteworthy are the possibilities of a comprehensive education in the field of family therapy under the supervision of the pioneers of this form of therapy in Poland.

I recommended these universities because of the high level of research and the quality of education in the field of neuropsychology, which is for me the nearest field of psychology. At Jagiellonian University and SWPS, you can explore the secrets of experimental neuropsychology under the supervision of outstanding specialists. University of Warsaw has long experience in running path with a specialized clinical neuropsychology and therefore prepares students for clinical work with patients with cognitive impairment better than other universities.

I really appreciate the cooperation with the employees and graduates of the recommended universities and and I dreamed myself of studying at the Jagiellonian University.


PhD Piotr Buła, Krakow University of Economics, International Management Faculty, director of Krakow School of Business UEK.

My recommendations:

Kozminski University, AGH University of Science and Technology, Poznan University of Economics and Business, Lazarski University, University of Gdańsk.

Choosing the best university is not easy. Many of them have extensive experience in various areas of activity and are also leaders in these categories. I made my choice on the basis of several criteria. The basic criteria was division on state and private universities and location.

I pointed out two universities among private higher schools located in Warsaw: Kozminski University and the University Lazarski. In my opinion Kozminski University has a very balanced development strategy in the areas of science, education and relations with the business environment. It has the three leading international accreditations as the only one in Poland. Lazarski similarly makes research and teaching at a very high level. In the educational offer there are courses of study adapted to the needs of the environment and economic practice, where young people will find a very good preparation for the profession.

In each of these universities young people will find interesting activities and a guarantee of future employment. Of course I can not forget my Alma Mater - the University of Economics in Krakow, which I could not recommend because of the principles adopted in the assessment. So, young and future students make the best choice!

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